29 Days of My New Life


29 Days.

29 Days. That is how long I have been living in a new/old place.

29 Days. Is how long I have been living at my parents house.

29 Days. Is how long I have been at my new job.

29 Days. I have been away from all my college friends and old co-workers.

29 Days. I have been living with someone other than my roommate – AKA I live with my parents.

180Fusion Desk29 Days. Doesn’t seem like a very long time. But I’ve accomplished a lot this month. I am settling into my new job quite nicely. I even brought little things for my desk that may or may not include a photo of my dog Mac, hand sanitizer, tissues, my water bottle, and a little wood grain calendar piece (you know, the little calendars you have to switch the numbers and day).

In just 29 days I have said hello and goodbye to many people in my dating life. A story for another time I’m sure. I’ll just say one thing, if you are going to date, be ready to date. Dating is hard enough with the worries of will they like me to have to worry if someone will eventually commit. Especially if they say they are the type who wants a long-term relationship — not saying that was them. It was more a combination of a bunch of different morons this month.

In just 29 days I have learned so many new things about marketing and advertising in my new career as a Pay-Per-Click Strategist in online advertising. It is a whole new world, but I am so thrilled to be learning something new, something outside of the classroom with real world application, problems, and wins.

In just 29 days I have settled into my parents house; living back in my old bedroom. Sure it is still a work in progress but I am pretty sure everything I need is in my room now instead of sitting in my sisters basement awaiting a new place to live. I can honestly say though, I’m really looking forward to a new place for all of my stuff to live. If only finding the house in my budget was as easy as unlocking my iPhone – I would I be so happy. Sure living at the parents has it’s benefits: they watch my dog, clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, feed me dinner, buy groceries, and keep me company when I’m a loser and have nothing to do. However, the negatives are pretty large as well. Sort of hard to live with your parents when in so many ways they do not support you, or when you have lived on your own for four years. I’m a socialite, and not being able to have friends over is one of the most challenging things. It so nice and easy to just chill and watch a movie with your friends or someone you are dating – but I can’t. It just isn’t possible, making my hunt for my own place all that more rewarding.

Its has been just 29 days, but I’m settled in, ready for new challenges in life, and ready to meet new people, new friends, and get to know Salt Lake just a little bit more.

I just have to keep telling myself, “It’s All Possible.”