Overly Suave IT Guy Meme’s


I’d consider myself a bit of a geek, and it is a huge part of who I am. I obsess over things like my iPhone, social media, and how using all of it together can really share my life with those I love or with those I’d love to get to know — sort of how this blog came to be. Recently I had a conversation about how my house in the future will be filled with technology; have  a server that runs the house through an iMac, or iPad with security surveillance, the ability to play music in multiple rooms all at once or separately. That is just a few things of what I want my home to be able to do, but it seems smart to me to do that, and natural.

I also geeked out over iTunes, Vudu, and how I can bring my movie collection together without having to buy DVDs. It is what I do, it is what I enjoy, and it is something I won’t ever let go.

So today when I ran across these Meme’s shared by Mashable on my Facebook feed, I had to share them. Sure they may be slightly inaccurate for my life, but they are hysterical for any geek or computer user out there! So I gathered a few more of the meme’s from across the internet to share with you besides what I found at Mashable.

Here is to a good Friday’s laugh!