Week of Firsts.


Phewwwwwwwwwww. — Sorry I just had to start with that knowing where this post is going. Okay focused.

I have one confession to make about this “week of firsts,” it was about two weeks ago. However, it has taken me that long to get to writing it because of how busy that week was, and the weeks following.

I can’t say it was the most intense week of my life, or the week filled with the most “firsts,” but it definitely was a week about myself — as selfish as that sounds. It has been a crazy year for me, really a year of firsts (noted — you may see that post later), and in that year it has finally become time to focus on me. Since I started my new job at the advertising agency, I’ve really missed retail in so many ways. One of the biggest things I’ve missed is actually moving around all day instead of sitting at a desk. So I decided one of the first steps to focusing on me instead of dating, instead of my career, instead of my family (once again sounding super selfish), is to join a gym and begin actually going.

I began my research, first started by Googling “Gyms Near Me.” Sure enough plenty of gyms, nothing super close, but a couple close to where it could work for me to go to them easily. Then the question became what gym is good, where do my friends go, where do the meat-heads not go, where can I feel comfortable going? At the time I was talking to someone I had been on a few dates with and they recommended some gym I can’t remember the name of. They mentioned they liked that it was small and had good people. Well for obvious reasons that gym was out of the question. HELLO STILL SINGLE. So I decided I’d visit a few other options.

When I first moved back home I met my new friend David, and he works at a gym sort of full-time (I think, I know he has another job too.) and so he said to come stop by and check out the facility while I was working. Let me tell you, it was such a nice gym! However spending $65 a month on Lifetime Fitness just didn’t seem that worth it to me. However, I wasn’t going to just go to a recreation center either.

To make a rather long story much much shorter, I ended up at Anytime Fitness. The owner and manager were super nice, I felt like I got a good deal, and if I want to go running at 11pm at night, I can. And better yet, it wasn’t Golds Gym. Nothing against them, mostly just who goes there.

Let’s break this down:

Item one: Joined a gym.

Item two: Super easy, went to the gym and actually worked out.

Item three: I actually ran 4 miles the first time at the gym and didn’t throw up. Accomplishment? Psssh yeah. I must admit I have no idea how I did that other than my retail experience. Two weeks later I’m at 5 milees and still alive.

Item four: Some of you may not believe that I am 22 and have never been to a concert by a professional, signed, musical artist. Sure I’ve been to my friend David’s (different David then the gym guy) shows — which I love, but this time I was actually going to a legit concert, and I didn’t even have to pay for it! THANK YOU Salt Lake Community College for giving Weber State Student Association free tickets!

So who was playing? One of my favorite bands I fell in love with them at college with some of my best buddies helping me do so, 3Oh!3. And to this day I still reminisce of all the good times blasting that music in my ’95 Honda Civic with a sub and amp make the bass go BOOM! The best part about the concert was that I got to go see it with two of my best friends Ben and Preston who were the people who helped me fall in love with the band. They are also two friends I don’t get to see very often since they are very busy people. (So they tell me…).

Item Five:  Went to the club for the first time with my friend Blake that I met several months ago and all of his friends. Oh boy was that a great time! Got my dance on, met some way cool, new friends, had a blast at Village Inn after with our server and of course the one annoying kid in the group, and got to experience something new — something for myself.

Then you also have several other events that surround this week, which include:

Item Six: Went Gambling in Wendover. Lost $200 or something bucks, no biggie. I did however win really big by walking up to Roulette table putting money down on 20. Then I got hooked and lost a lot of it. Then lost the rest at the Black Jack table. I probably should learn more about what I’m doing before I go out again.

Item Seven: Hanging out with a co-worker, his girlfriend, and other friends of his for his birthday at Cliff House Gasto Pub. — Way cool atmosphere by the way. Can’t wait to go back.

I’m sure I missed a few things here and there, but it has been a good month already, and I’m on track to have more great times with Halloween coming up! Each of things were not just something fun to go and do and have a great time, rather, there were things to help me, BE ME. To help myself get out, meet new people, have new experiences. It wasn’t about my friends, it wasn’t about my family, it wasn’t about being bored, it was about doing something I’ve wanted to do with people, new people, I wanted to get to know more about.

This is my life, and it’s all possible.