A Whirlwind of a Year


OH BOY what a year it has been. Just twelve months ago – today – I told my parents “I date guys.”

12 months ago I began to live my life, my way.
12 months ago I had the hardest day of my life.
12 months ago I cried harder than I have ever cried.
12 months ago I felt the biggest burden on my shoulder being lifted from me.
12 months ago I felt like I let down my parents, my family, and my friends.
12 months ago I felt like a new beginning was all I needed.
12 months ago I got my new beginning.
12 months ago I realized I am who I am, and those that don’t see it, have let me down.

For the last 12 months, I’ve lived a happy, sad, tearful, emotional, fun, adventurous, filled life with amazing new friends, old friends who supported me 100%. I don’t want to write about myself, I want to write about how amazing the people in my life really are.

For 1 year I have come along ways with myself, understanding who I am more than ever. I let new friends into my life that showed me it was okay to be who I am, and to show others that I am still 100% Connor.

To all my friends and family, THANK YOU for being there for me. Some of you more than others, but all-in-all each and every single one of you helped me get through this year.

And to all my new friends, and those I’ve met along the way, THANK YOU. I can’t thank you enough for the lessons I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had. Here is to another great year, with many new friends, stronger friendships, and a chance to rule the world.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me, supported me, and continues to be a part of my life.

I’m Connor, this is my one year anniversary of saying “I’m Gay,” and this is my life possible.