7th Grade to YouTube


I’ve always had an obsession with video and film I think. My earliest experience was back in 7th grade when my English teacher, Ms. Dansie (I believe), asked us to make a project of some kind, and instantly I knew that I wanted to make a video. So I asked my dad if I could borrow the camera, to film, I then created a script and came up with a little talk show called, “You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.”

I don’t remember much about what the premise of the project really consisted of, I just remember having a blast creating a script and “compelling content” for my classmates to watch. I wasn’t savvy by any means to edit the project, I just had a vision – and I stuck to it. Creating what I will forever remember as my first video in my parents’ family room.

For credits I wasn’t sure how I was going to create creative credits like the movie, so I created a PowerPoint presentation where I automated timings, music, and transitions and recorded the computer monitor screen. The problem was that because of the old type of monitors, the camera couldn’t completely see the computer screen as well as a human eye because the refresh rates – or something – were off and so it created a line that would go from the top to the bottom of the screen and just keep appearing. Creating rather horribly disappointing credits. However, I made them work, and was really excited to piece it all together.

After filming I asked my dad to show me how I could edit everything I had shot to make my video. So he pulled out the old VCR camera, and VHS player and hooked them up to the TV downstairs so I make the edits – you read that right by the way. I didn’t use a computer, or anything “fancy” to create my project. I grabbed a blank VHS tape and went to work; rewinding, stopping, recording from the VHS camera to the VHS (I honestly don’t remember the details of how I did it, but I did it).

I took that video proudly to class, having the coolest project in the room. I’m not sure it kept my audience entertained, but I was proud of the work I had done, and I got an “A,” so I could care less what other thought of the video. “You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers,” became something that would be the basis of my career. Not that I knew that then, but looking back – marketing, advertising, public relations, YouTube – all make sense to me.

I’m not sure what spiked my interest to make the video; I can’t pinpoint that in my memory quite yet. However, I do know that from that point moving forward I began to do lots of video projects for my classes, and I began to see many other students and my friends do the same for theirs. We were a creative bunch, and through the rest of my public school career, videos would become something I was good at.

From there I began to dive into web design, graphic design, and really build an understanding for multimedia and how all of these seemingly small pieces added up to a brand. I didn’t know it then, but my brain was made to advertise, and that is exactly what I did in my 7th grade video, created a whole talk show a brand, a look, a logo, and made something more than just a report or whatever, I taught myself valuable life lessons that I won’t ever forget.

From 7th grade to YouTube, I’ve learned a lot – and I will continue to learn as I determine what my new audience likes, or doesn’t like – and as I develop a personality that works for my viewers.

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What is something you are passionate about, and can say when you began that passion! Comment below!