Happy Friends, Happy Birthday!


Friends make my world a better place to be in,

and there aren’t two friends that are more positive and fun to talk to and be around than my friend Candace and Dallas who absolutely,  always have a positive attitude when I am with them! They are just so fun, funny, and make you smile just thinking about them.

When I look at them, I want to be them. 
Not only for Dallas’s muscular body, or Candace’s fine butt (trust me, we’ve all felt it – it’s nice); it’s for their personalities and positivity they bring to a room when they enter it.

I am so happy that I met both of these wonderful people this summer; I know that because of them, I have had a better summer and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I met Dallas at the Utah Pride after he had been hanging out with my roommate Blake, and he was just really fun, out-going, and seemed to just mesh well with the group I was with. We had a hand-stand contest, listened to music, and just did whatever. He was chill, no drama, and seemed to be really genuine. Dallas, if you are reading this – don’t let your head get any bigger than it may already be. Nor do I want you to think I want you, cause that would be silly and dramatic. Right? Ha! Ps, apparently I have no pictures with this guy… at least our friendship on Facebook doesn’t show any. So I am pretty upset about that right now, let’s change that.

Candace Allen and Connor Harrison at Blake's PartyAs for Candace, I’m not even sure where to begin. I met her through friends at a party I am pretty sure, and she was just so happy and fun and I just remember easily being able to talk to her. Then we took selfies on the photo wall. From there I just kept seeing more of her, and can’t get enough of her. I’m always excited to catch up on her life (in particular one subject of her life that she just gets so excited about!), and for me to tell her about something exciting in mine. She’s a talker, and she’s willing to listen to and provide some useful advice.

My favorite memory of Candace is when were at brunch one Sunday with our friends, and there was this guy that was also there with us and he began screaming in the restaurant – my face had the reaction that I was really embarrassed and upset – while Candace just began laughing at the situation uncontrollably. I remember thinking, “why is Candace reacting like this and giving him the attention he wants – this is SO not okay.” As we talked about just a few moments later she told me that she was really nervous and didn’t know how else to react, so she just began laughing. As we have continued our friendship, I’ve noticed she laughs a lot… so I’m not sure if she is nervous, or if she think everything is funny. However, in this instance it was hysterical she couldn’t control her laughter.

Dallas and Candace are two stand-up people, and without them really knowing – they have helped me a lot to realize that sometimes you just have to be chill, let go, and be happy with the people you are with. No matter what you are going through, it is important to enjoy the company you have. And if you aren’t enjoying the company – they more than likely aren’t enjoying yours.

Your friends want to be around you, and if you don’t want to be around them, don’t pretend. Take the night off, do your thing… it is really important to be who you want to be and have time to yourself.

To Candace and Dallas! You two are amazing, and I best be having more of you in my life. Happy birthday friends!

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