LIVE BLOG: The Time I Visited Denver


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Below is my trip to Denver, Colorado for the very first time (I went as a child but don’t remember), and I decided to live blog my time there for you all so you could see exactly how my trip went.


I arrived to the airport early – my family seemed really conce

rned about long security lines and that I would be late. However, today there was just two people in front of me and TSA actually had a sense of humor – it was refreshing.

Not much to do in an airport besides people watch; all on their phones having a conversation, reading news, or posting and reading their social media accounts. Sure, I’m among the many plugged in. In fact in writing this as I sit here – headphones in, music playing.

I’m anxious though, I’ve never flown alone, and today is 9/11. However, I know there is nothing to worry about. I am honestly struggling to sit here; I just want to wonder the airport… So I think I shall.

I’ll report back what I see; I think I’ve got about 25 minutes to aimlessly people watch.

… Turns out that I didn’t have time. As people continued to congest by the gate it turns out they were about to board.

It amazes me how many people begin to stand up and stand there – doing nothing. So I sat back and just watched. Eventually I felt the anxiety from everyone so I stood up and joined the group. Just stood there, doing nothing. But it helped my restless legs.


Now I’m told that the temperature is only 41 in Denver. So I can’t say I’m excited about the weather at this point.

Also I gave my window seat up to some girl. Not sure how I feel about that just yet. (What if the plane crashes and they can’t tell the difference between my body and hers, the manifest will be off!! – shhh don’t tell.)

Well here we go!

So it turns out that girl next to me is engaged – that’s cute – and her and her fiancé are traveling around before they get married. She grew up going to Denver, and says I am going to love it.

Beverage time! Hmmm, decisions to make… Especially since it’s Pepsi.

Flight Attendant: “Any drink for you three?

Left side: “no thanks”

Me: “jack and coke

Cute girl: “ice water”

BEST PART EVER – I didn’t even get ID’d. I’m feeling hella young, although, the little bottle was seven bucks. So this best be worth it.

The traveling bride, as I’ve decided to call her, was wondering why they didn’t ID me and thought maybe I could sue. I’m not sure what she does for a living but if I find out she’s a lawyer and this trip can be paid for… Maybe, just maybe I’ll – nah – I’m just happy to not be ID’d!!

Now I’m bored on the flight. I had cell service for a while. Sent a few snap chats, messages, and checked Facebook one last time. Now I’m just listening to a chill playlist and answering questions for the traveling bride about excel. Since apparently I’m a wizard.

So I’m feeling really great about this trip so far. Not only because of the experience, but this drink is pretty awesome.

Jack ‘n’ Coke minus the Coke plus the Pepsi. It’s roughly the same.

And that flight went quick, already in final decent to Denver! Barely opened my laptop and I have to close it. That’s okay, who wants to work?

And her name was Lindsay. I think. Grr, now I can’t remember.

Finding the place for passenger pickup after getting my luggage is apparently a challenge for me.

Hopped in Lily, the car my friend drives that I names years back when she bought her. Driving with her husband catching up and having a good conversation about a lot of things. Including how our government wastes lots of money on silly things and congress is slow moving at doing anything. Let’s not even go there right now…

Arrive at their cute little house in a new neighborhood where apparently you have to take a dirt road to get to it. (They would live here, it fits them.)

Nice house! Really like how simple, but roomy and home like it feels.

Time for bed, good night.

Wake up to Kayla and her dogs jumping on my bed. It’s apparently 11. I give her a hug and we just start talking like we always have. Figure we should go eat lunch and head over to get brunch at this place that has an amazing breakfast burrito.

Whoa! There is totally a statue in the middle of the intersection. Talk about a challenge… This is here on purpose? No way. It’s not even a round about. Talk about awkward.

The burrito was delicious, not too spicy, but good. Now it’s time to walk around Colorado Springs downtown. Stopped for a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, went into a outdoors shop and did the slack line like a pro… And then a massive costume and party store – but a nice fancy one.

Now it’s off to the army base for the flight simulator. Today I get to “fly” a helicopter. Apparently can’t take photos, which was sad to hear. But I got a few I can share – I think.

That was a challenge. Not sure how her husband gets it. But it was really fun to learn how it all works. Lots to think and worry about. And every action creates another reaction (basic crap – I know, learned that in high school). It’s challenging and it have me a lot of respect to the army and pilots of a helicopters.

I only crashed the helicopter a couple of times. And just once, really, really, really, really, really, bad. But we lived. Thank God it was a simulator.

Now back to their house to change and head out for dinner.

Eating at this amazing burger place that has grass fed meat, and their own sodas. All delicious. And their root beer… To die for. Ugh – I want more of it.

Watched American Psycho since Kayla has to be up early and 8 am in bed – it’s about 10:30. Time for some zzzz’s.

I hate alarms. Especially at 8:30 on my weekend off. But it’s time to head to Kayla’s ROTC training to see her in action.

Super cool to see what they go through, and I must admit Camacho, a member in her battalion was nice to look at. I later learned his actual name, and technically have his email and phone number now. But it means nothing in this case.

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Just ate at this amazing teriyaki grill. The chicken just melted in your mouth it seemed. It’s this place called Tokyo Joe’s.

Ugh I’ve been craving it all day still.

Now it’s back to Kayla’s to change – since she’s in uniform.

Headed to a little town called Manitou Springs to go visit all of the little shops. It’s much like a little city in Utah – except way cooler shops and just better. Really cool shops actually. They have natural spring fountains along the street that you can drink directly from. Everyone also has his or her dog since it’s “legal” here. Along with other things that are legal.

For the first time Colorado I smelled weed too. Apparently this city has one of the few recreational dispensaries.

Found some cool signs to put up in my new place in this country store. I’m so excited. They may be dirty, but they are too funny to not buy.

Bought some delicious fudge too! Mmmmm. Fudge. I’m a fatty.

Wow. Garden of the Gods is legit. It’s this really pretty place of just random red rock that jets up into the sky. With a random white rock among the red rocks.

Super cool place.

Spent some time wondering around in awe if this really cool place. I need to get out in nature more. This is so lovely.

Captured a great photo with my friend Kayla and I too. #selfie!

Made some dinner, played corn hole, and then got ready to hit the town. From what I’m thinking I don’t think there is much town to really hit in Colorado Springs. However, I want to at least try to show Kayla a good time at a good bar.

We decide to stay in the Springs instead of head to Denver, and we picked Club Q to attend. Let me tell you, I’m nervous for this.

It is Kayla’s first time going to a gay bar, and I know nobody except her, so this night could be really interesting.

We have arrived at the club after stopping and getting some energy drinks since we feel old and tired, and I am seriously so nervous for no reason! So silly and stupid to be nervous.

This club is lame! No one is here! Granted we may a bit early. But no one is here, and nobody is dancing. What kind of gay bar is this without that?

I should also note because of my looks I was able to get Kayla a free water since she can’t drink. The bartender liked that I was crash meat.

Then Kayla got hit on by this crazy girl who came up to her and rubbed her leopard print shirt and started talking about how she has a sprit that’s a cat that likes to paw at leopard print. Bizarre, we know. She was really nice though. She continued to talk to lots of people. She had more courage than I had that’s for sure.

So after not being able to dance, I decide I’m going over to this table and getting the two guys and a girl to join Kayla and I. We got them on the floor but they were horrible dancers, and left quickly – super sad.

Then I met this girl at the bar who convinced me to stay as I was closing out my tab. She was super cute and also named Kayla. She had a pixie cute and a smile to kill ya. So we stayed. Met her girlfriend and another friend. They actually danced. So that was nice.

It got a little old not having anyone my type there, so we decided to head downtown in the Springs to all of the bars. Let me tell you, the Springs come alive at night apparently.

Saw this really good handsome line dancer that was seriously impressive at country dancing. Maybe one say I can be as good as him.

It’s now 2 AM and finally home. Haven’t been out this late in a while. I’m exhausted. Lights out.

Alight! Time to head to Denver to explore! I’m super stoked! Hopefully I can return and explore just a little more since I don’t have a ton of time.

Can’t say I’m impressed with downtown Denver. That’s all I can really say. I saw a obese boy through his donut wrapper on the ground, blatantly off the bus onto the street. And the mom didn’t even say anything. Just let him get fatter. Poor kid.

Went a mile high at the Capitol though. That was really cool! The building was beautiful! Glad we stumbled upon the correct stair.

Now it’s time to head to voodoo donuts, and get fat like the kid on the bus.

This place is cool, in a random location. But I must try this Oreo donut.

Yes, worth it. Damn. I’m a fatty – yet again.

Now to the mall; apparently a real mall.

Yes, a real mall. It’s super nice the parking garage is lined with cherry wood – and we all know (or you do now), that I love wood grain. So they couldn’t have made it any classier than that. There wasn’t anything really special inside really the mall. They had a few stores I’ve never heard of l, and a few I’ve never seen before, so that is cool.

Time to head to the airport. I’m sad to return to work and real life, it’s been really fun and relaxing to be here.

Conclusion: I need to travel more. It’s so worth it. Needed this refresher.

This airport is crazy compared to Salt Lake, a train to another concourse? Huh. Okay. Security. Crazy.

I made it though.  Time to people watch as I wait for my flight.

Definitely a few good-looking people that keep catching my attention.

And one of those is apparently in my flight. Wish me luck… Jk, I have no courage. If only it was my hot cop neighbor – then maybe.

Whelp. Flight time. It’s been real Colorado.

Thanks Kayla and Brady for having me! I miss being able to see you all more. Let’s do this again.

‘Till then, I love you, and keep being awesome!

This is my life possible, and I need to travel more.

Peace and God Bless America.