Ever what happens when you get two guys together, get them drunk, and give them a bag of cheap make-up form the dollar store? Well, a lot happens.

This was a very interesting night, and I don’t quite understand why girls would do this to themselves on a daily basis. Granted we didn’t really do it right – but the work to put it on and the work to get it off your face is way too much work!

Matt and I met in 2014 at the club, and from there we began talking and very quickly went on a road trip with a few friends that turned into one awesome party. We got upgraded in Vegas, had a blast in California – and it will be a trip to remember for sure. He’s a random, hilarious guy, that I’m glad I met.

SECRETS OUT: The best part about this night was that shortly after this video was aired, I was in my bathroom while Matt was taking a shower, and I was on SnapChat – well what happened next was hysterical. While informing all of my friends that we had just filmed this video, Matt decides to pull the curtain back, revealing a little too much – and shocking many of my friends.

Definitely a fun video, but I must admit I’m semi embarrassed! What is something stupid of embarrassing that you’ve done?