You know those friends that you have that are just no drama, and you just laugh about random stuff? That is these two. I met Anna years ago working at my second Target store. I always thought she was hilarious, but was always sort of scared of her. As time went on I got to know her just a little bit more, and came to really like her and felt like we were pretty good work friends.

Things slowly began to build, hung out with at a party, and that solidified how hysterical she was. I really began talking to her when I met one of her friends, we started to talk about all of that, and I felt she began to get to know me. Even though she wasn’t the first to know I date men at my store, she probably guessed it the moment she met me, she’s got the best gaydar you could ever see. Although, I threw her off at one of the parties with a ton of people from work where I was making out with this girl in front of everyone. Sort of threw her and everyone for a loop. I won’t be forgetting that night anytime soon – that is for sure.

Anna and I have always been those friends where we don’t hang out a lot but we catch up via text, or lately it seems to be Snap Chat quite a bit. I think she’s really the only friend I actively Snap Chat with.

I met Laura through Anna at my house warming party where I feel I just instantly clicked. She was hysterical, funny, smart, and definitely a good time. This video was a little tricky when playing the game, “Never Have I Ever,” because I didn’t know as many details as I would have liked to get her out. I feel it is because of those reasons, she won.

I’m excited to call these two my friends, and I am so glad they were willing to make a video with me! Hopefully you will see more from these two! They are so funny, and this just scratched the surface.

I was happy to take their YouTube virginity.