My Work Life Progresses


Life throws us all kinds of curve balls, some taste of wonderful deliciousness of a cookie dough ball, and sometimes they are like lemon drops; sour at first and lead to a taste you can enjoy and manage. Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to advance my career in new ways, with a new company.

I am really excited to announce that I am moving companies and will be in a new role as a franchise marketing manager for a national brand. I’ll be stepping away from my current position in the next week and a half, and this is definitely a bitter-sweet moment.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at 180fusion for the personal and professional growth I have had in my nearly two years with the company. A big thanks to Spencer​ (who hired me) for believing in me as a recent college graduate, and giving me the opportunity to gain experience to advance my career when I had nothing but a positive attitude and good energy to give to 180fusion. I must have left a hell of an impression for a one-interview phone call, but you’ve left a greater impression on me than you can know. The hardest part about graduation from college is that jobs want experience, but no one can get the experience to get those jobs – and Spencer saw past that – and helped give me the experience.

Thank you to all the leads, team members, executive staff, and many other people I have had the opportunity to work with for showing me that it is okay to be me, for teaching me to grow as a person and a digital marketer. I’ve never had a job like this before, and I’m struggling leaving the great people I say hi to every morning, laugh with about a dirty joke or something embarrassing.

I’ll miss telling my stories about my crazy life, and hearing others stories. However, we will stay in touch – you are all my friends, and I want to continue to keep you as a friend. For me, I’m excited to meet new friends, to share new experiences – and I know that all the friends I’ve made will continue to be there for me when I need them.

You know who you are with who has touched me the most, and to you – thank you and in a very platonic fashion, I love you.

I’m leaving an admirable company, and I wish them all the best success in the world.

I’m leaving my friends, who I wish even more success but I’m gaining new friends, and new successes.


This is my life possible, and I’m stoked for this new chapter.



Have you had a stressful job transition? How did you handle it, what came of your decision? I’d love to hear, comment below and share!