LIVE BLOG: Sacramento, CA

I live blog my experience in Sacramento, CA in March 2016. I had a blast wandering this city, and met some really great people.

Sacramento California - Connor Harrison

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I’m really excited that I get the opportunity to explore a new city. I’m ready for some thing new, and I feel this weekend is going to be a complete adventure.

For me, an a-type personality, I always plan. I plan how I’m getting from the airport to the hotel, and look at what’s around, and try to schedule my entire visit.

This time – I have my hotel, and clearly my flight.

This could get interesting…

My flight boarded 25 minutes late, pushing my connecting flight closer and closer. Let’s hope I don’t miss it. If you’ve ever flown Southwest, you don’t get to pick a seat, and it is based on your checking. Well stupid me, forgot to check in right away so I was stuck at the back of the b group. Which means that about 119 people had boarded the plane before I did.

I’m not one for being picky about my seat, so it didn’t matter. I chose to sit in this one row with a little large lady hoping that no one would sit in the middle, but it’s a full flight. What to do?

Well free drinks were offered, and a mom wanted to sit next to her kid, so I did the next best thing and gave up my seat so she could at least sit behind him. The trade, a row with a mom, kid, and a baby. But honestly – free drinks – I can handle this. I have 7 nieces and nephews.

The mom is actually quite nice too. Had a good chat about living in Vegas, and her little girls are cute. One watching a movie while the mom tries to entertain the baby. I think most people would hate this seat, but I’m in the aisle – I get free drinks – and it’s only a 50 minute flight.

Okay this drink is disgusting. Only my friend Anna could handle this. Oh well, still drinking it.

Well I put $20 into the Wheel of Fortune machine at the airport in Vegas. Though, “what the hell.” And then I thought, well that was dumb. Oh well – it kept me entertained for a good 15-20 minutes. I just wandered around the airport for a while before my next flight. I initially had thought I needed to hurry to my connecting flight, but I realized that I actually had a time change. So that was nice.

Honestly, I’m hungry. Nothing looked good though, so let’s hope Sacramento has something better to offer once I’m there.

I’m a little disappointed in myself on this flight – I was boarding my SouthWest flight and was deciding where to pick, and chose to sit next to this lady and her teen son. Instead, I should have set on the other side with her hot husband and their daughter. He had caught my eye earlier at the airport, and I had my chance to sit next to him.

– not to be creepy or anything –

I will say this; I don’t quite get the couple. She seems very Northern California, and he’s like army dude. It’s weird. Love is love, right?

Finally have my bad and in my Uber to the hotel. I felt bad for the Uber driver because she got a violation for picking me up where she did :/ oops! Not my fault though.

Made it to the hotel, and I was going to go out, but I crashed hard. Woke up this morning at like 11:30 and got ready to go explore!

Went to Old Sacramento, which I guess is a city that helped support the gold rush as they passed through, I still don’t know – go use Wikipedia if you’re curious.

Honestly, it was cool to explore, but it felt like a field trip! So it was off the capitol building of California. Nothing special either, just some rally that wasn’t going so well I felt like. Met two cute girls who had asked me to take a picture for them. Started chatting for a minute or two or three… And added them on Instagram. Super cute girls, not sure they understood I played for the other team.

No I’m at Dad’s.

Dad’s on J. It’s a little dinner of sorts that I figured I’d check out. Not bad, nothing amazing – but it didn’t break the bank. And for any of you that know me, I’m a basic eater anyway.

Now off to explore again.

Well I failed at keeping up with this, shocking. But I’ll do my best to recap.

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I just wandered through midtown, saw some cute restaurants, bars, and found the club everyone online had been taking about that was the ‘it’ place. It was called BadLands – which is where you want to go if you want to dance. Which I did. Even though I had walked 10 miles.

I went back to my hotel, took a nap, and then decided after some consultation from a local to go to Pizza Rock – which was great I though. Good atmosphere, music I like, and since I was alone I could sit at the bar in peace and have much faster service. Ordered a few drinks, even a “beer.” Proceeded to eat my delicious Two Tony pizza with plenty of meet on it, and knew there was no way that I was going to be going running in the morning. After dinner I walked back to the hotel and awaiting the time to go to the club.

It was about 11, when I opened my phone, clicked on Uber and requested a driver to get me there. I had decided to meet up with two people I had been talking to just as friends so I wasn’t a sore loser and I ended up having a good time with them and met their friends.

I really wish that I wouldn’t have stayed at the same place that night, but I was enjoying myself.

Now sleep, finally. I’m exhausted.

Ahhh, waking up yet again in Cali. I could get used to this. Today I decided I needed to wander and get more footage of the city for the video I had conceptualized in my head finally – let’s hope it turns out.

But first, it is Easter after all – so I decided to have a nice lunch at the hotel cafe, which shockingly was really good. It was a new sandwich on their menu, and it was totally worth it.

Went to the capitol again hoping it would be clear of most people and sure enough it was. Even explore their beautiful gardens, which were seriously amazingly beautiful. Perfect day for it as well. Meanwhile back home they are dealing with the cold and snow.

Off to Folsom now for work, not sure what to do there, but it’s been a nice refreshing trip.

My Uber driver was a little odd, and could hardly speak English but we managed to hold a conversation for 30 minutes still. Just lots of, “I’m sorry, what’s was that?”, “what do you mean”, and “can you say that again?” – on both of our parts. But he had a nice car and told me he liked to race, so I was good.

Upon my arrival I was asked by coworkers who had been there to go to dinner and we ended up at Macaroni Grill of all places. At work people laugh because I like Chilis (we work in the food industry) – and this place is in the same group as Chilis.

It was good honestly, I’ll be going back for sure.

Now off to a movie alone. I decided to see Whiskey Tango Foxtrot with Tina Fey. The preview looked great, I love her, and I was bored.

Honestly, great movie if you ask me. Ever since my PR and News Writing classes I’ve always been fascinated by news stories (stories of the journalist, not the news), and this was a good story about Tina’s character struggling with covering Afghanistan when Iraq was the news. It was based on a true story, and it is a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing again on RedBox.

Time for bed and work in the morning.

Work went well. New store opening are always hectic, but they are a ton of fun. And tonight a few coworkers and I decided to go to the liquor store and drink-up – always a good time – always a lot of things you find about someone. Great laughs, great bonding.




All right, time to head to the airport. It’s been a great trip, lots of time to myself – which I really enjoy. Can’t believe I’m going back to snow, but I suppose that what I get for living in Utah.

Remember to get out and explore, do things for yourself, meet new people, and never stop exploring.

Enjoy your day!