Glamping With Purpose – Picking Up the Pieces

Mac and Tosh Camping Lava Hot Springs 2016

I couldn’t have been more ready for a weekend getaway with a friend then I was this weekend. I can’t believe how fast summer has flown by and I’m saddened that all the plans I had are out the window – while I remain here trying to pick-up the pieces I’m left with.

Life is a giant puzzle and I believe that each person helps us by giving us puzzle pieces; an exchange of pieces if you will. Slowly but surely as we live our lives we get to see the bigger picture. A picture I can’t wait to know and understand – but must patiently wait.

Then you have those typical bullies, who like to take the puzzle you’ve so delicately put together piece by piece and flip the table, knocking everything you knew and built to the floor; you still have every puzzle piece you’ve been given. However, that bully knocking the puzzle off the table leaves you left to look at every piece again as you put it back together. Giving you an opportunity to reflect on everything you’ve known.

So are they really a bully? Or are they someone that you were vulnerable to and because they aren’t in your life anymore, you let the puzzle fall apart. You might think those are the same – I don’t believe so.

One you cared for, loved, or whatever – and will struggle building the puzzle again without them. You let them knock the puzzle of the table, by giving it your all.

The other, the bully – you didn’t have any control over. You won’t or shouldn’t struggle building the puzzle again because you have to show them that they don’t affect your life and that you are stronger than them; that even though you had no control, you have control over how you move forward with life.

Despite the events of my recent past, my ex isn’t a bully, but rather someone who showed me that I was looking at my puzzle in several wrong ways. It isn’t easy where I am at, I have a lot of anxiety, stress, and tension and I’m happy to be away from the world for just a few short days with an amazing friend who has been a big piece of my puzzle.

So here we sit, pondering life together. Talking about stories in our lives, with a beer or “bitch beer” in hand working on continuing to build our puzzles.

It is hard to disconnect from what we know to grow, but I am going to really focus on myself right now – my goals, etc. On top of that I’m going to only focus on those individuals who support my goals and aspirations.

I’m so exited to be near Lava Hot Springs, Idaho with an absolutely amazing friend and my two dogs. I’ve known this friend since February of 2009, and because of him and others like him – I’ve been able to rebuild my puzzle slowly but surely. He is the friend you want to have, and I hope and pray everyone has a friend like him.

This is a good place to be, and I’m even more excited that while its camping, we have a full-service bathroom with a shower. I hate being stinky, but it’s nice to be in the middle of the mountains – lost with a purpose.

Where are your favorite places to go when you are working to rebuild your puzzle?