If Tomorrow My Dreams Came True


If I could wake up tomorrow, and have the life I want – within reason – what would that life be?

“Good morning babe!” Would most definitely be how it starts, from there – let me tell you about my amazing day…

I wake up next to someone that I love, and I know loves me – and head downstairs where together, mostly him, makes breakfast for our two/three children who are getting ready to go to school upstairs.

I’m getting ready to head to work while my partner gets the kids in a sexy SUV of some kind – never a mini-van. We both wish each other a great day and I head off to work from our beautiful home we built and designed from scratch in the suburbs of a beautiful city. A city filled with great night life and friends we have over often – that our kids know well, and love when they come by.

As I fight the awful commute (that I’m sure will exist), I’ll be listening to music and relaxing as I arrive at work. For work I’ll be the chief marketing officer for a “top 100 places to work” company or owner of my own brand(s) that focus and center around my first personal brand, #MyLifePossible. Either way, I’ll be leading a team to be creative, innovative and ensure they are inspired to create amazing products. The same philosophy that I want to teach my children, and show them that they can be themselves.

After meeting after meeting, I’ll head to my kids soccer practice, or something where my partner has already dropped them off and is either coaching them or gossiping with the other parents.

From there we head home, make a home cooked meal, plan our next family vacation or weekend getaway, catch up on homework, get the kids in bed, and watch some good juicy drama on TV.

More than likely I’ll have to do a little bit of work of some kind, creating or editing content for my personal brand that started it all or following up industry trends. Of course, this will happen after my family and personal time to ensure that I show the ones I love that they are loved more than anything.

From there I’m sure we will get ready for bed, and cozy up to each other and enjoy relaxing together as we doze off.

Aside from all of that day-to-day my partner will either be working himself, or if we can afford it and he wants to – stay at home and help raise the kids, etc. I’d personally love it if he was my partner in crime – I mean – business partner. Together we could work to create authentic pieces, content, or whatever it may be that we are doing. Or really just my getaway driver – whatever that means.¬†Perhaps he will be a successful realtor who has a beautiful home office. Either way, we will be successful in our own ways and support each other.

We will have a beautiful clean home, travel as often as we can to see the world beyond the neighborhood, host family and friends parties, and make sure that their cousins are a part of their lives as well as the rest of our families.

Our friends will be close, inviting us to the lake, the zoo, or just the park or a hike to spend time together with everyone. (Ugh, I hope our kids get along. Or that my friends even have kids.)

I guess you could say, tomorrow if I woke up – I want to feel the love, and give my love to someone. All while building a legacy for our family. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

I’m Connor Harrison, and I believe this to be #MyLifePossible in the future.