Coast to Coast to Alabama


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The last couple of weeks, okay month, has been so fun and adventurous and I’m all about it. From my spontaneous decision one night for a trip to New York City for Pride, to Anaheim, California with some of my family, then back to the East Coast and South in Alabama to visit my friend Kayla and her army husband – it has been quite the adventure. 

While on the bookends of these trips, I met some amazingly fun and great people (couldn’t get away with family to go out and meet new people, but they were cool enough as it was). These people are so funny, chill, and I truly feel I’ve made friends on the East Coast.

Friends who like me, enjoy adventures. 

New York was filled with all sorts of Gay Pride festivities, and sight seeing – quite the experience. I’ve always grown up wanting to go to New York City, and I finally made it! Not only did I get to explore the city, ride the subway, and have some NYC food, I was able to experience Pride like I never had. I must say, it’s a much dirtier city than I previously thought.

Every bar in town had events, the festival seemed to go on forever, and everyone was so accepting. I kept making the joke, “I’m glad businesses are profiting off my sexuality.” But you know what, good for them for helping push acceptance – smart business move. I remember Ford at the festival had some great giveaways – and even sent me an email for (I think) $750 off my next Ford purchase. How freaking cool is that! 

If only I could afford a Ford Raptor, I’d be set.

I was in NYC to visit my friend Nate and his friends from Florida, and met up with a couple of friends from Utah. Then a few others as well from NYC joined in the festivities and we all got along great! I must say now, I have two friends who live in New York that I know I’ll see again. You know who you are – one or you I still message regularly, the other is your amazing side-kick of a friend with spice. She’s a good spice, something that mixes well with everything. She also gave me lots of compliments, so she’s an automatic win. 

Then you have my friend from Florida and his friends. He always finds great people! And I know when I’ve been to Florida they are great hosts who know how to through a party – but not at home, the kind of party where you’re in the gayborhood. Miss my friend from Florida a lot, but he’s doing great in Florida!

Then you have Alabama…
(how’s that for transition)

I’ve made it a goal that I’ll always visit my friend Kayla and her husband Brady anywhere they live because they are in Army. And well, that’s how I ended up in Alabama.

Alabama, a state where there’s not much going on. 

A state where you have so much around you, yet nothing that isn’t 2 hours away. 

This state where I only saw one police officer, and that was only because someone’s alternator went out in front of us and we had to push her car off the street. He was a dweeb too. Good laugh to start our day off right.

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A state, where I probably wouldn’t have ever visited on my own. And why when Florida is so close…

However, that being said – my time in Alabama was so fun!

Always good to catch up with the Lemon family (and not a dud of a family if you’re thinking that… they love Lemon jokes). On this trip we painted her kitchen, master bedroom and another bedroom to help get it ready to rent before they move on to their next “adventure” in North Carolina.

On top of that we went on “18 trips” while we were here to go explore the city, Panama City Beach, and a plantation home in South Georgia – which was beautiful. 

Why is “18 trips in quotes?” Well you see, Brady (her husband) decided that was the number of trips we took while I was on this trip. However, those trips were just to Lowe’s it felt like. A few to places 2 plus hours away in Georgia or Florida, and a few less than that, to the gym.

While in Panama City Beach, FL – PCB for short – I met yet another friend I know I’ll keep. It was all Kayla’s idea to have him come hang out with us, and I don’t regret a moment of it. Plus, he worked at the surf shop my family is obsessed with. Automatic bonus points. 

Enjoyed the amazing sunset, the clear, warm water and the breeze. Plus, we finally took a picture that Kayla wanted in her flowy dress on the beach. Some huge wins for my Instagram game were made. Yet, no gained followers. But let’s not focus on the negatives here. 

We also jammed out to some great music, had the dumbest songs stuck in our heads for no apparent reason – and well, they are still stuck in my head. Between “Slow Hands” and the “quams, quams” at the end, “Don’t Say,” and various others – I’ll always associate those with Alabama now and Kayla.

Oh and slow hands slowly touching Brady’s face… yes, you read that right. Brady has this thought of slow hands slowly trying to grab his face or something. He’s weird, but he’s great.

This last trip finally got me back on a schedule, eating healthy, and feeling accomplished. As a full-time millennial now, life is so hard when you do nothing. So, it was nice to do something, and to do something with one of my best friends from college. I may not see or talk to her as much as I’d like – but she will always be my friend. 

This post was very random, probably confusing – but I just wanted to write about my little adventures to let them live on forever online. 

Needless to say, get out – go on an adventure! Where have you always wanted to go! I’d love to know – comment below!