Is Everything Bigger in Texas?

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Let’s first start with the question, is everything really bigger in Texas?

I’m about to find out. As I write this, I’m sitting on a Delta flight sipping two mini-bottles of Woodford Bourbon Whiskey and some Coca-Cola. It’s delicious. I might add that I’m also listening to music, specifically in this moment, “Slow Hands.” I had to play it since I’m headed to Texas to visit my friend Kayla and I fell in love with this song when I visited her in Alabama.

Few things to note at this point: the man next to me was watching gun videos on YouTube before we took off and seemed on edge during the first part of the flight. Secondly, there is a cute guy on the mostly empty row in front of me and I just keep thinking, “why couldn’t I sit by him and not this guy looking at how to use a gun video on YouTube?” (Should I be remembering what this guy looks like? His seat? Am I on a show called What Would You Do?)

I’m not only excited to see my amazing friend Kayla who is at an Army training in San Antonio, but I’m also so excited to finally visit the first state to eventually succeed from the union. I hear great things about Texas, and I really hope that it lives up to everything I hear. I would be lying if I said I’m not excited to meet some hot country men too! Apparently we are going to a place called “Cowboys” one night for some good ol’ Southern country dancing. I really hope Kayla is okay to go to the gay bar at least one night.

I’m so excited to be back exploring. After taking the summer off of work, I’m back working in marketing for a not-for-profit company. I seriously haven’t been so happy in a job in a very long time! Sure there are things with every job, manager, or co-workers that you wish were different but I finally feel like I belong somewhere. I work with an amazing friend I met in college who oddly was on the hiring committee for a fellowship I had on campus. I also have an amazing manager who understands that work isn’t everything and that you need a break, you can’t burn out and work 70 hour weeks. Hell, she doesn’t even believe in 40 hour work weeks. She’s an honorary millennial with a team to be reckoned with.

It’s been fun to explore healthcare marketing, and while I know a lot about marketing and advertising – I’m so lost with all this medical jargon and the attempt to learn countless departments leads, nurse managers, and company leadership. Names are swirling in my brain – but I’m trying to not let it worry me too much.

Back to being happy – this Summer was an amazing summer, and to come back to work and still be extremely happy has been a blessing. For once I work for a company in my professional field that gets that marketing is one important, and two gives you the tools and resources to do it well. In my role I’ve really taken on digital advertising and social media management and it’s been so fun to be creative again.

Not only has this job been amazing as a job, but it’s also helped me out personally to be more motivated when I’m home – and I hope to really be focusing on Valhalla Clothing Co. as well as a comeback to YouTube. Stay tuned for some exciting content to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss the discount on Mexican food from my last job.

This is my second full trip since taking the job and I was so nervous to ask for the day off – and quite simply my manager made it work so I could go spend time with Kayla on her day off to make it a three day weekend.

Random note, I’m looking out my window and all I see is black and the moon. Is there nothing in Texas? Is it that big that there are just completely barren spots? Is the power out?

Time for our decent!

Not sure what Kayla has in store for me, I sure hope it includes the Alamo (the historical site, not the rental car place), and the Riverwalk. I’ve had many AirBnb guests from Texas, and they’ve all given me many places to see. Let’s see how much I can see in 2.5 days.

Texas, I am in you now – let’s get this party started. Show me what you’ve got to offer! You’ve got a tough city to beat – Denver.

Update: man watching gun videos didn’t actually attempt anything.

Oh also, please warm up while I’m here. It’s 36 degrees at home. I want 90 degrees please and thanks.

My name is Connor, and this is my life in Texas made possible by Kayla, and Delta Airlines.

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