Happy Birthday Arthur


From Denver to meet new friends to Vegas to celebrate old friends – Happy Birthday Arthur!

After spending some time in Denver this last weekend – I was off to Las Vegas, Nevada to live it up and celebrate my friend Arthur for his birthday!

Eight years ago…

Arthur and I met through a mutual friends (now best friend and roommate) in college on a trip to southern Utah to meet more of my friends Preston’s friends for what I remember was spring break. At the time I wasn’t out of the closet, hardly concerned about coming out of it either – and meeting Arthur who I could only assume was gay, but not even sure if he was or wasn’t and feeling very … conscious about what he may know about me.

We always laugh about the story now of the one time we went to a discount store where you could find designer clothing at a very great price, and me buying the pair of pink stitch pants.

Pink stitch you laugh at? Well you see, I had a big debate with Arthur and Preston about the actual color of the stitching – I really thought it was more of a shiny gray and it was more the lighting or the pants. But they made fun of me – but I still bought them because let’s me honest – they made my ass look amazing (assuming here, I don’t actually remember).

These pants I did wear, and while they weren’t actually pink stitching Arthur had discovered I was gay long before I was aware of it myself. He challenged me later on Facebook messenger about it and I actually blocked him because I was scared.

It wasn’t until years later we chatted again – and we’ve been friends since. Arthur and I are a lot alike, and sometimes – okay a lot – we butt heads about things. However, with mutual respect.

Arthur is a super talented guy, who I really want to be successful in his music and marketing career and I’m glad to call him one of my friends.

I’m even more happy I was able to spend time with him, his husband, my amazing friend Laura and her boyfriend Bralen (who I adore for Laura), and my roommate and best friend Preston in a city filled with sin, and adventure.

Carson Kitchen

Last night (Tuesday night) we ate at the most amazing restaurant called Carson Kitchen was sort of like a tapas restaurant with absolutely amazing food and the best dessert I think I’ve had.

I’m not a foodie by any means but for the first time I feel I thoroughly enjoyed food for pleasure not for energy.

In addition to an amazing dinner in downtown Vegas, we went to Fremont Street to show Arthur and Laura what it was all about. It’s one of my favorite places to go, and we had a blast.

I’m probably a little biased because I won $800 on my favorite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot machine. At one point I was actually nearing a $1k off of $25…

Needless to say, I stopped when I went down to $800 and walked away!

It was fun to finally spend time again with Arthur and friends away from home and the worries of keeping the house clean or taking care of the dogs and just loose.

Happy birthday Arthur! I wish you all the success.

My name is Connor, I have some pretty amazing friends and this is #MyLifePossible.