Mile High Meetup


[unedited, written Sunday, January 14th]

Denver, you never disappoint!

I continue to meet amazing people that live here in Denver and wanted to just say thank you to those I’ve met and gotten to know here in this fun, beautiful city.

I will say though, Salt Lake City mountains still have yours beat – but that’s just me.

This trip was a unique trip, I actually was flying out to meet an Instagram friend I’ve made over the last year or so – we aren’t sure really when we started following each other.

How did we start chatting? In February or 2017, Drew replied to my drunk dancing at home alone and from that moment forward we’ve talked off and on. We had been attempting to find a time to make a weekend work to meet and hangout and it finally happened!

Drew and his boyfriend James are seriously adorable!

Beyond that they have curated the most adorable apartment in the Denver Tech Center area, and I’ll be taking a few decorating tips and buying a pieces for my house because I loved them so much. Just another reason to go shopping when I get home, right?

Drew and James were very welcoming, and super fun to be around this weekend. Friday night when I got in we went to a bar to grab some grub and a couple drinks with some of their work friends. After a late dinner, we ended up back at their place and I got James and a few of their friends to go out to a couple of the gay bars in town. I ended up dancing my little heart out at Charlie’s. Minus the smoke inhalation at the bar, it was a ton of fun and as soon Brittany Spears came on over the sound system – James was all about the dance floor too!

Woke up Saturday morning and we went to get Starbucks and then it was off to Golden Colorado to go on the Coors Brewery tour where we waited too long in line, and James and I were getting hangry! The brewery was really fascinating but it disappointed by not having the bottling assembly line operating. I mean I’ve seen something like it on some Netflix documentary, but it would have been fun to see! But to make up for it, Coors gives you three free beers to try. All delicious because they were so fresh! And yes, I may have gotten tipsy from the tour. If you get the chance I recommend going!

Fun fact, part of the excess from the process of making the beer goes into cat food. Random, but I guess cool.

From there we headed back to Denver where I had to take a nap in order to be able to function for round 2.

Round 2 began with a train ride to dinner at Thirsty Lion near the Union Station in downtown Denver. There I had amazing Mac n Cheese – like what a 5 year old would eat.

Then it was off to a small gay bar for some cheap, strong, drinks Pride & Swagger Bar. I always forget that drinks outside of Utah are much stronger. Free pour is AMAZING.

Then it was off to X Bar on Colfax.

We had been there the night before, and it was lame but Saturday night was a ton of fun, mostly because of who I was with! Even had an acquaintance from Utah I discovered was in town come out with us too! Sorry Michael that you had to fly hungover today (Sunday). Flying hungover is the absolute worse thing ever.

Today, spent it relaxing at Drew and James apartment and then we went to lunch at this cute little Italian Restaurant called Cranelis! Here, I definitely had the best restaurant lasagna I have ever had. Sad I wasn’t hungry enough to finish it, but I have a feeling I’ll be going back there at some point – hopefully sooner rather than later. Oh, and if you haven’t been there the garlic knots are free. Definitely worth having! I also discovered what “Red Beer” is, and no I know I’ll never order a red beer. What’s red beer, well for those who love tomato juice – it’s beer with tomato juice. I think I’ll be sticking to my orange beer instead.

Then it was time for goodbyes and time to head to Las Vegas for my friends birthday! I am excited about the two new friends I’ve made this trip in Denver with Drew and James. I hope to be able to see them again soon, and hopefully in Salt Lake! Or maybe a fun trip together with friends to another destination.

I can’t thank Drew and James enough for their hospitality and for being genuinely good people. We need more people like you two in the world – and your friends who were so accepting and inviting to me as well.

My name is Connor, these are my travels, and #MyLifePossible.