Spring 2018 Music Playlist | Spotify

Spring 2018 has sprung and I could not be any more excited about it! While the weather is still hit or miss here in...

Happy Birthday Arthur

From Denver to meet new friends to Vegas to celebrate old friends - Happy Birthday Arthur! After spending some time in Denver this last weekend...

Mile High Meetup

Denver, you never disappoint! I continue to meet amazing people that live here in Denver and wanted to just say thank you to those I’ve...

My Top 2017 Songs on Spotify

I listen music a lot, and I'd like to share the top songs I listened to in 2017 this year on Spotify. What are your...

17 Things to Leave in 2017

Every year every seems to say the year was horrible. I honestly had an amazing year this year. I quit my job and traveled...

Winter 2017 Music Playlist | Spotify

Winter is upon us, and here are some great songs to help rid the winter blues. Enjoy these songs on Spotify. Tweet me your favorites, as I...

Storytime – His Vegas Proposal

Bryan tells his side of the story from the "My Vegas Proposal" video and tell us something missing from it.

Storytime – My Vegas Proposal

Find out why I got asked to get married in Vegas as well as footage from my latest adventure to Fort Lauderdale.

Ask Connor #5

I ask a few questions, including how you can land a date with me!

I’m Back on YouTube

Hey everyone! I'm back on YouTube again after a 7 month hiatus. Excited to have you all back on my journey through life.